Davey Dave: "Groovy Wonderland". (1993,1994?)


     This Classic mix tape come to us by Chicago House head Davey Dave from sometime between 1993 and 1994. Dave was another Chicago DJ that I didn't find much info online about but had an rich history in the early rave scene in Chicago. This mix tape was given to me by the same friend who gave the blog James Johnson's "Krunch" mix tape. As with James mix, This tape is not posted on another site so I decided to post it on mine. I remember Dave playing party's in the early to mid 90's with most of his spots being in the second room at raves or as the end of night house DJ on the main room lineup. I believe Dave was part of the House Preservation Society crew along with Mystic Bill. This mix shows the diverse style of Dave's music and flows from Progressive, Tribal, soul full and vocal House. Unfortunately the tape didn't have an case or I would have posted an Pic of it with the blog.

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Gus Audio.