DJ Hell at "Direct Drive" Chicago. 1997

    Next up is DJ Hell set. The tape says it was around the 2AM hour. This was by no means Hell's first or last party in Chicago. Based in Germany, Hell has been through Punk, New wave, Hip hop, House, Techno, Electro, Electroclash and back again! One of his first singles "My definition of house music" became a huge club hit when it was reissued on Belgium's R&S records in 1992. I was one of the MC'S for this show and when I introduced Hell I called him the "German Cowboy" over the system because of his stance while mixing (Riding the decks) and his long sleeve button down shirts he would wear. After his set, He was talking to the promoter and asked who introduced him on stage. I thought the worst but when he asked how I knew they called called him that in Europe, I was at a loss for word's and was picking my stomach up from off the floor. This mix goes in and out of house and techno. Classic tracks on these sets are Josh Winks "Are you there", Jeff Mills "The bells", Laurent Garnier "Crispy bacon", Basement Jaxx's "Fly life" Gusto's "Disco's revenge", Daft Punks " Phoenix and Dave Angels remix of Ken Ishii's "Overlap".  Originally I posted this mix from an 90 minute cassette tape that I had but after words I got a hold of the full two hour Dat tapes from the show and thought why not put it out as it was recorded. So here it is the way it was that night!

DJ Hell during his set.

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Special thanks to Clark Terry for capturing and letting us use the pictures from the night.

Hope this finds you all well. Cheers!

Gus Audio.