Adam X. "Define The Sonic Groove" Volume One. 1996.

     This classic mixtape comes to us by an artist who's also gone under the monikers "Traversable Wormhole" and ADMX-71". He runs the Techno/Industrial record label Sonic Groove and up until it closed in 2004, the New York record store of the same name along side his brother Frankie Bones and DJ Heather Heart. Brooklyn New York's own but now based in Berlin Germany, DJ Adam X.  

     I've been busy the past few months with non blog related recordings, mastering and archiving projects lately so I have'nt had time to work on new posts with our archived music for awhile now. After posting a picture of this mix tape cover on my other media sites and seeing how much interest it received, I thought I'd be cool to share this classic mix on the blog to hold you over till I can get caught up with my other projects. Also since he's playing here in Chicago this weekend, I thought I'd be a good throwback post for the site. Hope you enjoy it!

               Be sure to check out Adam X as he plays Smartbar Chicago on March 25th, 2016.            


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Hope this finds you all well.


Gus "Audio"

© Live Sets Chicago. 2016.

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