DJ Pierre live at "Heroes of House", Chicago. 04-17-2015.

     This post come to us by a man whose worn many hats over the years such as DJ, producer, remixer and label owner. He's created timeless tracks both as an solo artist and while part of such pioneering groups like PHUTURE and Pierre's Phantasy Club. The former of which created a whole new genre of music, Acid House, while at it. Introduced the likes of Felix The Housecat and J.R. Jordan to the world and pushed new production methods such as his still popular "WildPitch" style. He influenced the East Coast Disco-House faze in the 1990's while at New York's Strictly Rhythm records as their in house producer and also had a brief stint as A&R for the label. He's been globetrotting for over 20 years, DJing for 30 and from the looks of his every growing DJ dates and reuniting as PHUTURE with original member DJ Spank Spank, he's not ready to throw in the towel just yet. The "Afro Acid Don", DJ Pierre.

Pierre starting off his set. 

     This set was recorded during the Chicago Foundations: "Heroes of House" whole building event that took place at Metro - Smartbar in Chicago on April 17th 2015. It featured a fantastic line-up of artists who all got their start in Chicago and have gone on to take their sound around the world since. Upstairs in the Metro, DJ Diz and J-Dub opened up for Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak and Mark Farina who all performed on 2 mixers and 6 CD players for almost 6 hours. While downstairs in Smartbar, Michael Serafini and Garrett David went back to back opening up for DJ Pierre and DJ Spank Spank's first live performance in Chicago as PHUTURE since their much talked about "House Music Legacy Session" Boiler Room stream back in early 2014. Then DJ Pierre went on to close out the night for the last two hours with this spectacular DJ set. 

Set times upstairs in Metro.
     I must say, the energy this night was through the roof! This event had Chicago and the Mid-West buzzing after it was announced with some in attendance making the trip from out of state just to catch it. Any of these artists fill a club on their own, but having them playing at the same night in the same venue in their home town was truly one show that was not to be missed. It felt like a family reunion of sorts with all the familiar faces in attendance that I would see back during the 1990's rave scene here. A few of which don't make it out to shows anymore but could't let this one pass them by. I also saw many Chicago artists like DJ Hyperactive, DJ Heather and Andrew Emil out showing their support and making their way between both venues during the night.


     Down stairs in Smartbar, Serafini and David built the room up nicely for over three hours before PHUTURE's took over with a live set. When they did, Pierre and Spank Spank feed off each other and the crowd as they went through some of their classics and newer tracks for about an hour. Mid way through their set, newest studio member Lothario Lee jumped in and tweaked on some gear before their set ended with "We Are PHUTURE", which had the crowd chanting along with them.  When it was time for DJ Pierre to close the night out, he went on to lay down what had to be one of the most vibrant and energetic sets I've ever heard him play. He weaved from classic's to newer gems and really took the crowd on a journey. There were a few moments during his set where everyone in the booth and on the floor were yelling, screaming and jumping up and down. Afterwards he went on the say, "I never play like that! I kept pushing and the crowd wanted more!" As you can hear from this recording, he showed Chicago why even after thirty years of DJing, he's still a master at his craft.

Herb J. Pierre, Spank Spank and Lothario Lee.
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