Laurent Garnier live at "Smartbar" Chicago. 08-30-2013.

    With an career spanning 25 years, how could one not go on and on about what France's Laurent Garnier has done or more like hasn't! In England when house music hit and being one of the first to play it at legendary clubs like The Hacienda in Manchester, Laurent has gone on to become one of the worlds most well rounded D. J.'s. and producers there is. Returning back to France in the early 90's to full fill his military duty, He took this new sound and spread it across Europe spinning at raves and warehouses but he didn't stop there. Laurent went on to releasing his own productions like classics "Acid Eiffel" as "Choice from Paris", "Crispy Bacon", and the club stormer "The man with the red face" to name a few. Along with these classic's he has many solid DJ compilations under his belt like the 5 disc "Excess Luggage" mix that sums up a master at work no mater what the music. Not being content with just producing dance tracks, Laurent has gone on to compose for cinema, television and theater as well. In the early 90's he went from spinning behind the decks to talking behind the mic on various radio shows and after falling in love with this in 2003 he started his own web-radio station "Pedro's Broadcasting Basement". Then two years ago started his syndicated show "It is what it is" where this set was originally broadcasted on. In 2010 he toured briefly with Benjamin Rippert and Scan X as "LBS" or "Live Booth Sessions" performing a hybrid of live house, techno, jazz, experimental and D.J'ing. 25 years in dance music is a milestone not many have been able to accomplish yet alone think of but Laurent has and by the sounds of this mix, looks to be able to take on 25 more!

Laurent behind the decks

    Being able to record this set came about by chance. The duel openers this night were former Smartbar musical director Nate Manic, With this being his last night before moving on to other ventures, and Chicago's own DJ Sassmouth. I had sent Nate a message about recording their sets as an thank you for all the support and help over the past three and a half years that he has given myself and the "Datman" while working at the club. A few days later and to my amazement Laurents people had contacted him about recording his set to use on his radio show "It is what it is". I was floored with this news and told him I would come down and record the whole night. I've been trying to see Laurent since the 90's but for some reason it never seamed to work out until now. Either the shows would end early, not even start and from what he told me that night, Miss a live show he did a few years back here in Chicago. Even on a trip to Europe 13 years ago I missed him by a week at the legendary venue "The Rex club" in his home of Paris France. This mix is sadly only an hour from his almost 4 hour set but still hits the vibe of the night right on the head!

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