DJ Hyperactive live at "Earthquake" Chicago. 02-19-1994.

    This post is by Chicago's own DJ Hyperactive. You could not have been involved in the rave scene in the 90's without knowing who Hyperactive was. I don't think anyone else has spun at or had their voice call over the crowd at more Mid-west shows then he did. Who hadn't blasted his popular "Sounds of the underground" mix tape seres (Vol 4. was my favorite) on the way to a party then or now! With releases on DropBass, Missile and his own Contact records, Hyperactive has played along side or opened up for almost every big name that came to town then. This night Hyperactive was opening up for Lenny Dee so he pulled out all of the stops.(Who by the way was making his first appearance in Chicago) I was given this set by a friend of a friend and choose to start with this because it's the set that shows how I remember him best. Spotlighting his new tracks before they came out and working the crowd on the mic. ATP, The promoter's of this rave, Were known for some unique venues and this night was no exception. Held in school gymnasium, The turntable's were above the sound system on the second floor and you can hear Hyperactive point that out at the end of this set. As far as I know this set or any other from this night has ever been out. I believe this set includes tracks from Hyperactives first release on DropBass network as well as other classic bombs for that time.

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Hope this finds you all well. Cheers!

Gus Audio.


  1. WOW! I can't wait to get home and crank this one! This was the first ever full blown rave for me and several other friends. In a school of all places, imagine that. My life was changed forever!

  2. Thanks for the comment's! Hope you enjoy the mix! Gus Audio...............

  3. i actually have woodys set on tape leading into mystic bills and some of his set then i have a converted mp3 of miles and jajo tagging i believe its there whole set......e-mail me and maybe we can swap...i have a bunch of sets from old

  4. I have several of the Drop Bass tracks on vinyl. I always just assumed, these DJ sets were lost to ethereal time.