Derrick Carter live at "Shelter" Chicago. 05-09-1997.

    This Classic set comes to us by a man who many has called the "DJ's DJ" at a venue that has long been torn down in Chicago. Derrick Carter has been known to be part of the "Second wave" of artists that came out of Chicago in the mid 90's but has actually been involved with House music since the mid 80's, had his first record released in 1987 and remix duties dating back to 1991. He has produced under a number of names such as DJ Bang, Innocent and Tone Theory. Along with being involved with groups such as Symbols and Instruments, Sound Patrol, Little Green men, Music for Freaks and ran both the Blue Cucaracha and Classic record labels the later with co head Luke Solomun.

    This set was recorded at Shelter night club when Friday's were "Material" night's and Derrick along with fellow Chicago jocks Josh Werner, Scott Song, Diz, J Dub and DJ Heather were your residents with hosts DJ Colette and Eric. I believe Shelter had been open for 10 years before it closed it's door's in 1998 and I was able to enjoy the last two years and the last Saturday night there. I don't remember if I was at this night but this set captures the spirit of a city at the time when the "Second wave" of Chicago producers and artists were making there mark on house music. Derrick closed out the night on this set going from classic Chicago house, Some current cuts from the time and a cheeky track of the Benny Hill theme show all mixed with Derrick's flair. As far as I know, There hasn't been many sets from Shelter released so I'm very glad to be able to share this one with you from a Chicago Icon and super cool guy. Be sure to click on Derricks link under the artist's links area to catch up with him the next time he's playing in a city near you.

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Hope this finds you all well. Cheers!

Gus Audio.


  1. Quality release! Keep it up and thanks so much!

  2. thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. <3

  4. Thanks for the support and comments! We sure had some great time's back then. Cheers!

  5. Brings me back to a Better Time!!!!!!
    I Miss You SHELTER!!!

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