Mark Verbos live P.A. at "Atlantis" Chicago. 08-06-1994.

    This post is an live P.A. by Mark Verbos at "Atlantis" from 1994. Sadly this was the last party held by Chicago promoters E-Clipse but there were also a few firsts this night. "Atlantis" was the first rave held at the widely used Dolton Expo Center in the southern suburbs of the city. This was also Brooklyn Techno icon's DJ Frankie Bones first time playing in Chicago. Finally this set is or was one of Marks firsts in Chicago. Original from Milwaukee now based in New York, Mark Started off playing at raves in 1993 and went on to work as an engineer at an recording studio in Chicago before moving to Berlin in 2000. Mark has had numerous releases on labels such as Milwaukee's Drop Bass Network, Hollands Djax- Upbeats and his own Simple Answer imprint. Mark has worked as an engineer or as an co-producer with other artist's most of whom have been with Tommie Sunshine to which they have produced more than 50 remixes and several EPs together. These sets are one of a few that were recorded onto cassette tape's and never converted till now. I was one of the MC's for the night and after the show I was given copies of the night. Chicago's DJ Tron (R.I.P.) opened the night but his set didn't get recorded. This night Mark brought his trademark all analog, Acid show to the party. Marks sets have always been straight to the point Acid and this night is no different of that. This set is almost a hour long and banging the whole way through. If any one has pic's from this night please feel free to post on the Facebook fanpage.

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