Jedidiah live at "Atlantis" Chicago. 08-06-1994.

    This post comes to us by one of Wisconsin's original rave promoter's, Jedidiah the Messiah. Jedidiah was part of the highly successful Drop Bass Network and record label of the same name in Milwaukee. Along with Minneapolis's Hidden Disco Family Plan, Drop Bass's party's were some of the best shows and event's that I have ever been to north of Chicago. They were known for incredible line-ups and unique venues during the Rave scene of the 90's. One show that comes to mind was their "ONE" year anniversary event in 1993. Held in an horse barn, There were 5 DJ's booked with each spinning two different sets for the night. Drop Bass were also known to host Massive New year's eve party's one of which I was able to attend and still stands as one of my most memorable eve's to this day (Teenage Wasteland, 1997) Drop Bass also organized event's with other promoters like ATP and Ripe productions here in Chicago. Last but certainly not least was their "Further" camp out events. I was at the very first one in 1994 in which they showed the Mid-West how to do an Electronic music festival while camping and got to experience it myself. I'm not sure if this was his first but it might have been one of his earliest sets in Chicago. This set has been transferred from two cassette tapes and with that I had to do some editing to keep the flow of the mix together. Once again yours truly had the Mic to introduce Jedidiah right after Mark Verbos's live P.A. This mix has Classic tracks by Thomas Heckman, Steve Poindexter and Acrid Abeyance's Remix of Plank's - Acid War. He doesn't have a website but here's his contact info if you would like to get a hold of him for a show. (

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