Miles Maeda, Ken, Karl Meier, Danny The Wildchild, and Mystic Bill sets from "Direct Drive" Chicago, 1997.

     This post features some of the Set's from the second room at the "Direct Drive" rave in Chicago in 1997. This room gave people a break from the harder sound that was in the main room by some of Chicago's finest. There is one set on the tapes that we are not 100 percent sure if it is who we think it is. The tape was marked Kurt Eckes from Drop Bass Network but the set is all house and I don't ever remember him playing House. Chicago's Shelter club resident, DJ Jeff Starlight was also on the bill for the night and that is our best guess to who it might be. All the DJ's had around one hour time slots but with the Datman recording both rooms this night (The main room sets are also on this blog, Check the archive list) some of this room's sets are not complete or didn't get recorded. I'm not going to post Brian G's mix because only 25 minutes of his set got recorded or Track Head Steve's mix because he pushed the mixer in the red through his whole mix and the recording was very distorted in some parts. It's been so long but I believe that Roy Buck did his live P.A. in this room but that didn't get recorded either.

Danny The Wildchild during his set.

Miles Maeda during his set.

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Thanks to Clark Terry for capturing and for the use of the pictures from the night.

Hope this finds you all well. Cheers!

Gus Audio.


  1. Armin Gent(Direct Drive)February 2, 2010 at 9:01 AM

    Could have been Hector Lopez's set Gus, I had him play the 2nd room as well.

  2. that wildchild set is wicked. thanks. never heard this one before. keep em comin

  3. @ Armin, Thanks for the info.

    @ Ricky C, Thanks for the comment. That set has been sitting in a box since the party and I think it was never put out. More to come soon. Cheers!

  4. This was my first rave. I can't believe there just happened to be a DAT there and after all these years, I can hear the music that changed me forever.

    Oh, the glory of the internet!

  5. @ Jack, Alot of stuff gets recorded at show's it's just that they never get out because the dj's didnt want them put out or they were bootlegs. Glad you found the site. Check our facebook link at the top of the page for other mixes, flyers and more. Cheers!