James Johnson: "Krunch 2, Mission for speed!"

     When I started this blog the goal was to post live mixes and promote the music and artist's who made them. With this post I thought I'd highlight a Classic mix tape. There are a few old school site's that showcase classic rave, house and techno mix tape's but from what I have seen they don't have any mix tapes or live sets from an artist who has had a impact in Chicago back in the 90's. This artist would be Chicago's James Johnson. James was a pioneer for the rave scene in the 90's and went on to mix at clubs around Chicago including Smartbar. This mix was given to me by a friend who has had this tape sitting in a box for at least 14 years! I think a lot of lost mix tapes are still out there like this one but people don't have a way to convert them to mp3 or even a tape deck to play them anymore. I try'd to find info on James on the Internet but with no luck. All I found was fliers that he was on. If anyone has any info, mixes or links on James please feel free to add to the post.

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Hope this finds you all well. Cheers!

Gus Audio.

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