Miles Maeda at "Direct Drive" Chicago. 01-18-1997

    Last but not least from the "Direct Drive" event is Miles Maeda. Miles played two sets at this party, One earlier in the second room and the last set of the night in the main room. Miles has been a staple in the Chicago music since the 90's. I believe Miles was the closer for a few of this promoters party's. I can remember for awhile, If you went to a party or club in Chicago during the 90's, Miles was probably in the lineup. I left before Miles's set but have a story from another party. DJ Hyperactive and I were listening to Miles play at a different party and were discussing his tracks when Hyperative recalled a party they both played at were it was outside and it started to rain. Miles brought the house down when he dropped "Singing in the rain". I think that's what makes Miles so special as an artist. His timing and track selection has people guessing. Miles also recently celebrated his 11Th year at Smartbar as a resident in Chicago. I'm not sure of the track's on here but this sets is around the same time as his Easy mix tape. This set is around 45 Min's or so. Get more info on Miles on his link in the artist's link area If you haven't already,

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  1. Awesome site and I love the commentary! Could you get in touch with me via I manage the music section there and would like to talk about co-hosting some of these sets :)