Frank De Wulf at "Direct Drive" Chicago, 01-18-1997.

     This set comes from the king of the Belgium sound himself, Frank De Wulf recorded live from his set at "Direct Drive" in Chicago.  Frank got his start doing radio while still in high school and never looked back since. His first hit track “Acid Rock” under his alter ego "Rhythm Devise" but he was better known for his "B-side" releases (which all got re-released in 2010) and his countless remix work for groups such as The Shamen, Erasure, Orbital and one of my favorites his remix of The Orb's "Blue room" just to name a few. By all accounts Frank was the rave scene's first superstar if you will at a time when the movement was just taking off in Europe and all the D.J'S at that time had his tunes in their boxes. Sadly Frank took a break from D.J'ing, production work and traveling awhile after this show to focus more on his post-prodution company "GRID" and work on other ventures. Since then Frank has dusted off his equipment and started working on new music, preforming and returning to what his fans have felt he has done best, produce great music!

      I choose this mix to kick off the site with because it's the event that the "Datman" and I first met at back in 1997 and from what I can see is his first and only show ever in Chicago. Frank opened the night at this event and was a bit disappointed about his time slot. Rightfully so because the crowd was still getting through the doors so venue was a bit empty during his set. The story that sticks out about Frank is that when he got into town Frank and the "Datman" went out shopping for laser disc's and got along quite well with each other because of the fact that they both were video and audiophile's and at that time. Frank's set is late 90's European techno with tons of jems from that time.  I posted this when we started the blog as an two part mix from cassette tape but since then I got a hold of the full 2 hour dat and reposted the mix how it was originally recorded.

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  1. Armin Gent(Direct Drive Ent.)February 2, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    Indeed this was Frank De Wulf's 1st and only U.S. Appearance. I'm glad I was able to bring him out and glad the set was recorded!