Carl Cox at "Crobar Chicago 9 year Anniversary". 02-27-2002.

     "OH YES...OH YES!"  

     This set comes to us by a man who been involved with the English dance scene since the 1970's starting off with Disco, rare groove and Hip Hop then moving on to House and Techno in the 1980's. He's been nominated and won more awards, been at the top of more favorite DJ's and best DJ lists. Was voted 5th place as the best DJ ever in 2011 and was crowned "The King Of Dance music" in 2015 by English Dance Music Magazine "MixMag". He's traveled the world and performed at countless festivals and events, even headlining two New Years Eve parties during the Millennium, Australia and Hawaii, crossing over the International time zone line in the process. He also started the highly respected Intec Records label back in 1999 which is now called Intec Digital. And if being a pioneering figure in Dance Music and still on top of his game after 30 years of DJ'ing wasn't enough, he also enjoys being an Daredevil on the Motorway racing Motorbikes. Loving the sport so much he formed Carl Cox Motor Sport back in 2012. He just ended his "Music is Revolution" night at the legendary Space Ibiza that ran for Fifteen years which sadly ended this past October 2016 when the club also closed it's doors for the final time after 25 years on the island, where he was also a resident. Carl also performed at the clubs closing party the same week as his "Revolution" closing party where he went on to play for 10 hours. That man being the original three deck wizard himself, Mr. Carl Cox.

Carl Cox working the decks!

     This set was originally was going to kick off 2017 for us on our blog but after hearing in January of 2017 that Carl would be ending his popular "Global Radio" show which ran for an amazing 15 years that reached an astounding 25 million FM listeners across 60 terrestrial FM satellite and DAB stations through out 35 countries and countless streams online, I though it best to wait till after his show had ended to post it.  Carl has had many renowned artists play on "Global Radio" over the years but he saved it's final episode, which air'd on February 24th, 2017 for himself. It featured a heart felt farewell and an emotional mix by the big man himself. Going off of the replies and comments afterwards, his fans are supportive of his decision but also voiced that both he and his show and will truly be missed to those that tuned in and enjoyed his shows over all those years.

     This set took place during Crobar Chicago's ninth anniversary celebration event back in 2002. Carl was also on tour for his "Global" CD that came out around the same time. I recorded this set during the brief time I was working for the Electronic Dance Music TV show "After Hours TV" here in Chicago. The crew had interviewed Carl in his hotel room before the show with plans to air that along with some of the footage from the night on the show. The way it worked was the editors would use the audio from the nights that I would record audio and mix it over the live video footage from the club and have that finished work be the episodes that would air on the show. Carl's episode did air on TV and for awhile was available online but, to the best of my knowledge, those files have been long removed from the internet.  I never got a copy of that episode nor did I get a chance to record the episode when it aired on TV so sadly, that part of this night is just a memory.

View from behind the booth during Carls set!

    In the beginning of this set you hear Crobar Chicago resident DJ Psycho Bitch get the crowd pumped up ahead of Carl taking over the decks from her. She and other Crobar resident Teri Bristol opened up that night for Carl and really brought the energy to start off the night. As you can tell from the picture up above, there were three turntables set up that Carl went on to destroy. You can also see CD players in the picture but I can't remember if he used them during his set. Carl brought down the crowd for a bit then proceeded to pull out all the stops and really took the energy in the room and brought to the next level and kept it there till the end of the night. This set truly shows an master at work as he plays doubles, weaves in and out of tracks with out missing a beat all to the crowds enjoyment. I've originaly mastered this set to double CD from the DAT's I recorded that night and during the time I was working on this post and remastering the set, to save them as MP3's to upload on Mixcloud, I listened to it on headphones and I never realized how much the crowd was recorded in the background by the needles. It really gives an feel for the energy the crowd had that night. To best of my knowledge, this whole set has never been released before now and we're glad we're able to share it and the story behind the night with you here after all these years! 

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Hope this finds you all well.


Gus "Audio"

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  1. It's hard to have any complaints about this place. It's easy to get drink at Chicago venues since they actually keep enough bartenders working at once, and you'll almost always find a place to sit. I love the vibe, the area, the people and the food at this place.