"AIRA House" Originators Series Event, Chicago. 01-30-2015.



     This post is the second part of the "AIRA House" Originators Series that took place back on January 30th here in Chicago. The first post (which can be viewed here: "AIRA House" Panel) covered Roland's "AIRA Crew" (artist reps and technicians) as they spoke to Chicago artists and pioneers Jesse Saunders, DJ Hyperactive, Roy Davis JR and Gene Hunt as they asked them about their own certain styles and history in Dance Music. They also discussed what drove their pioneering spirt, experimental attitudes and what motivates them today. The night also featured a live set by Thirdwave (AKA Poorboy Rich and Casey Bishop) who used Rolands new AIRA equipment during their performance. 

     Not only were we able to bring you the video that got recored that night but we were also fortunate enough to have been able to record the sets from the event afterwards and are excited to be able to share them with you now. We're going to post them in the order that the artists played and they go to show just why, along with their production talent, they got chosen to do the "Chicago Originators" leg during this series tour. I hope to post a new set a week so check back for them as time goes by.

     Gene Hunt.

     Jesse Saunders.

     Roy Davis Jr.


     DJ Hyperactive

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     Special thanks to DeWook Photo for the use of the great pic from the night.

Hope this finds you all well.


Gus "Audio"

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