Slam live at "Rave Krispes" Chicago. 05-30-1997.

     For the past two Decade's, Slam have come to define Techno in Scotland. Pushing the sound since the 1980's as DJ's then moving on to production work in the early 90's, The duo comprising of Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle have travelled all over the world scorching dance floors and leaving fans wanting more. Not only have they performed dynamic sets at leading festivals and events globally they have played at some of the worlds best clubs to boot. If that wasn't enough, They also hold residencies at three of the UK's best clubs. "Pressure" and the "Sub club" in their hometown of Glasgow and "Fabric" in London. Not content with releasing only their music such as classics "Positive Education and "Life Times", Slam have also cultivated many other artists on Soma records, (Now in it's 21st year) such as Daft punk and Gary Beck. With their Paragraph label they combine their love and production talents to release both House and Techno gems and with "Alliances" work on collaborations with some of todays most forward thinking producers. With having remixed everyone from Daft Punk to Underworld. Releasing a steady flow of monster tracks on their own and far to many other labels to count. Producing a mix podcast (Slam Radio) and being nominated as the "Greatest dance act of all time" poll in the UK dance music magazine MixMag in 2011, These past few years have been the most prolific for the "Guys from Glasgow" and it looks like they are set to rock on for another twenty years to come!

      This set was recorded around a time when were recording two or three nights a week, Some nights it would be going to clubs and then to raves. Unfortunately with nights like these sometimes the parties tend to blend together after awhile. As far as I know, This was another set that we recorded that has never been released until now. I was personally looking forward to meeting Slam this night as I was and still I'm a huge fan of their music and mixes. I believe this event was held at the Belmont Armory on the north side of Chicago for an "up for it" crowd. The thing about the promoter and this show was that they did some parties with only a few artists and had them play extended sets. With this show there were four DJ's on the bill. Slam, New York's "DJ Keoki",  L.A.'s "DJ Hyperactive" and at the time San Diego "Miles Maeda" each did two hour sets this night. This was billed as Slams first time in the states and for sure their first time playing in Chicago. Now some have said that with their return this year In January to Chicago makes it ten years since they have played here but I think this might have been last time they stopped in town. The thing that I remember the most was talking to Stuart and Orde before their set about music production and traveling and thinking the whole time that these guys were way down to earth and willing to talk to anyone and everyone. I'm happy that it worked out that I was finally able to post this set on our blog and have it be ahead of their return to Chicago. I hope you all enjoy it as much as the crowd did that night and I have over all these years!

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Hope this finds you all well. Cheers!

Gus Audio.


  1. awesome set. thanks for posting.

  2. Glad you enjoy'd it and thanks for the comment! Tell a friend about us. Cheers!

  3. amazin set ...bit of everything .. superb. x