Frankie Bones live at "Atlantis" Chicago, 08-06-1994.

    This post comes to us by the godfather of the U.S rave scene live from his first show in Chicago, Brooklyn New York’s own Frankie Bones. Co-Founder of New York’s Sonic Groove Records, Frankie’s career spans well over 20 years going back to the early Eighty’s. After years of DJ’ing, Frankie moved on to production with Tommy Musto as Musto & Bones and Lenny Dee as “Loony Tunes” and produced a string of hits both in the clubs and the underground. In 1989 he was brought out to England to play at the “Energy” rave to a crowd of over 5000 people and when he returned to New York put together "Atmosphere" on June 30Th, 1990 and kick started the rave culture in the U.S.

     This night Chicago’s E-Clipse crew had Bones headline “Atlantis” with an hour and a half set of banging Techno, Acid and Drum & Bass. There are so many classic tracks on the set but one of my favorites is a banging remix of a Fat Boys track. Frankie gets on the mic from time to time to hype up the crowd and thank them for a great time at the end of his mix. This set was recorded over two cassette tapes so I had to do some editing to fill in the gaps. I also got a hold of some video from the night and will post some of it up in the future. Click on Frankie's link under the artist's links area to find out what he's up to and to catch this legend in a city near you.

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  1. Anyone know what the track is at 44 minutes?

  2. i NEED this jawn! Can I get a link??

  3. Working on getting the links back up as soon as we can! Check our mix cloud page for sets. Thanks!